Male sex toys

Eropair has launched a series of high-quality male sex toys, which will perfectly make you feel more intense and real orgasms.

Hands or sex toys? Let Eropair, a real sex expert, help you decide.

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Sinloli Adult Toy Realistic Female Torso Sex Doll with...

Price $89.99

Unlock your deepest desires with the Sinloli Women Torso Sex Doll, a premium adult toy designed specifically for male masturbation. The lifelike skeleton frame provides an incredibly realistic feel, while the authentic pussy and anus add an extra level of stimulation to your intimate moments....

Hismith Male Masturbator with Intelligent APP Interaction and...

Price $139.99

Experience lifelike sensations with Hismith's high-quality Flesh material, designed to mimic the warmth and feel of real skin.  Enjoy versatility with the removable KlicLok System, compatible with all Hismith sex machines. The removable and adjustable locking suction cup provides intense suction...

Hismith Rechargeable Male Masturbator - KlicLok System, 10...

Price $75.99

Experience Mind-Blowing Sexual Stimulation with Hismith's KlicLok Compatible Male Masturbator, featuring 3-Speed and 7-Frequency Vibration Modes for Added Intensity.  Designed with 3D Textured and Ribbed Inner Tunnel to Fit Most Men. Made with Super Soft and Body-Safe TPR Material and Easy to...

Auxfun Green Beer Mug Masturbation Cup for Automatic...

Price $35.00

Its appearance resembles that of a beer bottle, making it easy to conceal and store discreetly without arousing suspicion from friends or family members. Constructed from high-quality TPE material, the Green Beer Mug Masturbation Cup Attachment offers a soft and comfortable feel during use. To...

AuxFun TPE Dildo with EZFunLok Connector & Anal Bead Sex Toy

Price $49.99

Explore new depths of pleasure with the AuxFun TPE Dildo with EZFunLok Connector & Anal Bead Sex Toy. This premium quality sex toy features a smooth and flexible TPE material that feels great against the skin.  The EZFunLok connector allows you to easily attach and detach the dildo from the...

Auxfun Premium Upgraded Ukulele Sex Machine Bundle with...

Price $389.00

The Uklele sex machine is an aesthetically designed device that mimics the appearance of a Ukulele, providing a unique and playful twist on traditional sex machines. It is constructed with high-quality materials such as aluminum alloy and stainless steel, ensuring durability and stability during...

When discussing male sex toys, here are some important points to know, including information on types, materials, use and cleaning.

Sex toy types:

Dildos: Mimic the look and feel of male genitals and come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Vibrating toys: including vibrating dildos, vibrating rings, etc., used to increase stimulation and pleasure.

Oral sex simulator: Used to simulate the feeling of oral sex, usually equipped with tongue and sucking functions.

Anal toys: Designed for anal stimulation, including butt plugs and butt plugs.

Material selection:

Silicone: safe, easy to clean, moderately soft.

TPE: Soft, but requires careful care to prevent bacterial growth.

Metal: Sturdy, easy to clean, and suitable for temperature play.

TPR: Cheap but may contain harmful substances, so choose carefully.


Use Lubricant: Make sure to use a water-based lubricant to avoid damaging the toy.

Warm Toys: Warm the toys slightly before use to simulate a real feel.

Cleanliness and hygiene: Clean carefully after each use to avoid bacterial growth.

Store properly: Store sex toys in a dry, dark place away from direct sunlight and heat.

Safety Precautions:

Choose products with a reputable brand and avoid sex toys from unknown sources.

Avoid overuse to avoid discomfort or harm to the body.