Couple sex toys

For couples, the role of Eropair sex toys is to create romance, improve the quality of sex life and enhance the intimate relationship between the two. Some of these products are designed to be used together, and they can help couples gain a deeper understanding of each other's preferences and explore new ways to have sex. In addition, sex toys can also be used as gifts or surprises to inject fresh vitality into the emotional life between two people.

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Hismith APP Control Auto Sex Machine With Eropair Bundle

Price $589.99

Quite silent: Silent and smooth slide - Our sex machine comes with a mute motor that produces noise less than 50db, making it one of the quietest sex machines in the market.  Super core motor: The powerful turbine motor ensures that the machine's penetration power never stops.  Speed...

Hismith Premium Sex Machine with KlicLok-connector and APP...

Price $509.99

Experience ultimate pleasure with our angle adjustable, KlicLok quick connect sex machine with various accessories.  Our patented octagonal KlicLok-connector ensures toys stay safely in place with one easy click, while the machine remains stable even when adjusted at multiple angles.  Choose...

Hismith Table Top 2.0 Pro Max- Premium Sex Machine With...

Price $389.99

Looking for a hassle-free and versatile sex machine? Hismith's Table Top 2.0 has got you covered!  With exclusive infinity stroke settings that allow you to adjust the stroke depth from 1.96 to 5.12 inches without the need for tools, you'll have complete control over your pleasure.  Hismith's...

Hismith Table Top 2.0 Premium Sex Machine with...

Price $389.99

Experience the Ultimate Hands-Free Pleasure with Hismith Sex Machine - Easy Plug and Play System with Toolless Stroke Adjustment.  Control it through Remote, Wire, or APP with Creatable and Programmable Patterns.  Enjoy Steady Base with Non-Slip Material and Grip-Tight Support Pads, Order Now!

Auxfun's EZfunLok Connected, Quiet and Compact Ukulele...

Price $289.99

Experience the Ultimate Pleasure with Auxfun's High-Quality Fucking Machine featuring EZfunLok Connector, Powerful and Quiet Motor, Multifunctional Design, and Wireless Remote Control.  Made from Durable Aluminum Alloy and Solid Steel Pipe, this machine is built to last.  It offers adjustable...

Auxfun's Automatic Thrusting 3XLR Sex Machine - Multi-Speed...

Price $89.99

This silent speed-regulating sex machine uses a power supply with a speed regulator, which can control the thrust speed of the motor.  While it's not completely silent, it won't arouse suspicion from neighbors when used in an apartment complex.  It is suitable for men and women and can be used...

Auxfun 5 3XLR Dildo Automatic Anal Sex Machine: Satisfying!

Price $129.00

Unforgettable Experience: Experience the ultimate pleasure with our automatic sex machine that can penetrate up to 450 times per minute, and its angle can be adjusted up to 85 degrees with the faintest sound. Stable Love Machine: Enjoy hands-free play with our thrusting dildo machine, which can...

Auxfun Automatic Sex Machine with Eight 3XLR Attachments -...

Price $149.00

 This Auxfun sex machine features speed-adjustable thrusting capabilities, thanks to its power supply with a speed governor.  Operating quietly, it is unlikely to arouse suspicion from neighbors in apartment buildings.  The machine is unisex, with interchangeable attachments to cater to both...

Here are some important things to know when it comes to sex toys for couples, including information on types, uses, selection and cleaning.

Sex toy types:

Couple Vibrator: Designed for use by couples to provide simultaneous stimulation. There is usually a remote control feature that allows the partner to control the vibration intensity and pattern from a distance.

Erotic lingerie: These sexy lingerie come with hidden vibrators to increase the fun of a couple’s interactions.

Sex games: including card games, dice games, etc., designed to increase interest and interaction.

Dildos and dildos: can be used for erotic play and to simulate different gender roles.

Uses and Benefits:

Improve interest: Couple sex toys can increase the interaction between couples and create new erotic experiences.

Increased communication: Choosing and using sex toys can improve communication between couples, allowing them to better understand and meet each other's needs.

Solve sexual problems: Some couples sex toys can help solve sexual function problems or mismatched sexual desires.

Optional toys:

Consider Personal Preferences: When choosing a toy, it’s important to consider the sexual preferences and comfort levels of both partners.

Quality and Safety: Choose sex toys from reputable brands and made from safe materials to ensure safety and durability.

Vibration patterns and features: Review the product's vibration patterns and features to make sure they match your preferences.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

Clean sex toys thoroughly after each use to avoid bacterial growth.

Follow the manufacturer's cleaning and maintenance guidelines to ensure the performance and longevity of your sex toy.

Store sex toys in a dry, dark place away from direct sunlight and heat.