Eropair & Hismith Servok, Bundle of the Best Sex Machine and Sex Toys

  • Unleash Unmatched Power with the Hismith Servok and Eropair Couple Interactive Toys Bundle.
  • Experience the ultimate pleasure with this perfect combination of cutting-edge technology and versatile satisfaction.
  • The Hismith Servok's servo drive system ensures consistent and uninterrupted pleasure, while the Eropair Rabbit Vibrator and Trusting, vibrating Dildo offer dual vibration points and multiple modes for enhanced pleasure.
  • Indulge in seamless pleasure with the Hismith Servok's 17cm/6.7" stroke length and the Eropair toys' effortless adjustability.
  • Elevate intimacy with the interactive Eropair APP, which allows you to control speed, create or join online rooms, and sync with other Eropair toys for immersive experiences.
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Product Description :

Introducing the ultimate pleasure package, the Hismith Servok and Eropair Couple Interactive Toys Bundle. Get ready to embark on a journey of unparalleled intimacy and exquisite pleasure as you explore the depths of your desires.

Let's begin with the Hismith Servok, a true masterpiece in the world of high-end sex machines. Meticulously crafted with an innovative transmission structure and a high-powered self-service motor, this cutting-edge marvel revolutionizes traditional designs, delivering superior transmission efficiency and ensuring your safety during every intimate encounter. With its higher support frame, this machine liberates your posture, offering newfound flexibility and stability like never before. The optimal weight distribution ensures a secure and harmonious connection, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the pleasure without any distractions.

But the excitement doesn't stop there. The Eropair Rabbit Vibrator and Trusting, vibrating 2&1 Dildo are the perfect companions to enhance your pleasure journey. The Rabbit Vibrator boasts dual vibration points, each offering 10 unique vibration modes, crafted from skin-friendly ABS+silicone material. With its waterproof design, you can explore sensual adventures in the shower or bathtub, and its discreet operation keeps your pleasure sessions private. Rechargeable and long-lasting, it provides hours of uninterrupted enjoyment. What sets it apart is its seamless interaction with other Eropair products through the innovative Eropair APP. Customize your pleasure by adjusting speed, choosing preset programs, and exploring various modes, creating a truly tailored experience.

Now, let's dive into the Trusting, vibrating 2&1 Dildo. This versatile pleasure tool combines thrusting and vibrating capabilities, elevating your intimate experiences to new heights. Made from high-quality ABS+silicone material, it is both skin-friendly and 100% waterproof, allowing you to explore new sensations in any aquatic setting. The remote control provides easy operation and seamless pleasure control. Like its counterpart, it seamlessly interacts with other Eropair products through the Eropair APP, opening up a world of shared pleasure and connectivity.

Speaking of the Eropair APP, it's a game-changer in the realm of pleasure. Explore exciting gameplay modes, control the speed with a simple swipe on your screen, select from pre-set programs, or create your own unique modes tailored to your desires. Share the pleasure remotely with your partner by sending them a link via popular messaging platforms, granting them the power to control your device over the internet. Create or join rooms, inviting others to join your pleasure game or synchronize with other users for shared sensations. It's even compatible with other Eropair sex toys, expanding your options for immersive pleasure experiences.

The Hismith Servok and Eropair Couple Interactive Toys Bundle is the epitome of pleasure and innovation, designed to unlock the full potential of your desires. Indulge in a world of infinite pleasure, where boundaries are pushed, and extraordinary moments of bliss await. Welcome to a new era of unforgettable experiences.

What’s in the Machine Box:

1 x Hismith Servok

1 x Waterproof portable Bag

1 x Dual-density silicone dildo

1 x Set of legs

1 x Allen wrench

1 x 100W power adapter

1 x User Manual

Product Detail Of Eropair003 :

1. Eropair Rabbit Vibrator:

Overall length: 8.27 inches

Maximum insertable diameter: 1.4 inches

Insertable length: 4.72 inches

Weight: 180g

2. Eropair Trusting, vibrating 2&1 Dildo:

Overall length: 8.27 inches

Maximum insertable diameter: 1.4 inches

nsertable length: 6.5 inches

3. Eropair Couple Interactive Toys, Vibrator and Dildo Bundle:

Package Size:

Length: 10 inches

Width: 7.59 inches

Height: 3.35 inches


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